Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ruiner's 2nd to last show- 10/5/10 CCAS

Rob from ruiner set up this awesome show as a home oriented farewell at Baltimore's Charm City Art Space, and it ruled to say the least. Show poster/flyer by Nolen Strals

Check out these videos of Sacred Love (a newer band from Baltimore, signed to Youngblood records, great dudes and great music. Dont sleep!)
and Ruiner.

I'll update this soon with embedded videos- for now here are links-
Sacred Love- http://vimeo.com/15755130
Ruiner- http://vimeo.com/15711914


Ruiners final show was on the following saturday, videos of that show can be viewed on the illustrious Hate5six.com courtesy of Sunny Singh, number one is diy documentation right now.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Truthtobetold is a video blog/webzine that I'm putting together to showcase bands and shows in the Baltimore area through videos and interviews. In the coming months I hope to upload various projects and sets to include here.

Thanks to anyone that's checking this out.

Special thanks/links off the top of my head-
Charm City Art Space (awesome baltimore venue)- ccspace.org/​
Sunny from Hate5six (best online center for hardcore videos)- http://hate5six.com/
A Farewell To Zines (phil hiotis interviews)- http://frederickhenry.blogspot.com


-Grant Miller (or LBG if you like), truthtobetold